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The game is playable in all difficulty levels
There are 8 playable teams in this game, though only 7 are used for the game
The rest of the teams are used for an alternate ending, with the playable team being the Ultimate Team JammerBomber.
The game is designed to fit the LAN party host’s speed
The game has a Best Ball mode
The game has a two way online playing mode
There is a multiplayer game mode
The game can be played online or LAN with other players
This is a 3-level Difficult game for the Jammerball
Player Information
All players need to have a fast internet connection to play the game
There are a maximum of 9 players in a game
Only one shot per player can be used in a game
Pass types
Full Power
Break Goal
Different Game Modes:
There are 4 different game modes in this game:
Best Ball
Note: Best Ball and Arena are the only two game modes that do not allow pass types
Best Ball:
This game mode allows 1 shot per player, and no other types of passes
This game mode allows all the ball pass types
This game mode allows all the ball pass types
This game mode allows 1 shot per player, and 1 type of ball pass
Note: This is the only mode that does not allow any other types of passes
Note: Arena is the only mode that allows all types of passes.
The Scoring System
Points will be tallied based on the current team score
The goal number is a number that is generated by adding up points based on the current goal difference
The goal difference is derived from


Features Key:

  • Cartridge game type for Sega Saturn featuring multiple versions of both an old and new retro-themed version
  • Standard gameplay where as players save the monitor from computer monsters.
  • Unusual console reproduction of 16-bit era, based on the Japanese console


  • SYNTH Riders is a game in which you try to save monitors from being destroyed by simulated monsters.
  • While it is true that a great many monitor-saving games have been developed for the Saturn, there are still a relatively few that have surfaced, with Pegboard Nerds being the best known example.
  • SYNTH Riders is a game which features the Pegboard Nerds theme, as evidenced by the title and red dot on a Sega Saturn shell. Though the game also features the Sega Master System and Super NES, the main focus is the Sega Saturn’s console.
  • SYNTH Riders is the only game in the Sega Saturn line to feature multiple-versions, with the Japanese version of the game combining the Japanese and English voices.
  • Gameplay progresses in two main directions: defeating monitor saving computer enemies and upgrading your monitor protector. The game features a linear plotline, with the introduction being signified by the opening of a candy case, and progressing until battle with the town’s arch villain.
  • Special power ups will give players access to additional powers, often with humorous results.
  • SYNTH Riders has been mildly pixel-accurate and faithfully implemented for the Sega Saturn, giving the game a semi 16-bit look.

Game Play Features

  • The game progresses in two main directions: Defeat of computer enemies and enhancements in your monitor protector. The game features a linear plotline, with the introduction beginning with the opening of a candy case and proceeding through until it all ends!
  • Several special power ups are available, most of which serve only to give your character funny and not terribly useful powers.


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Anna is the life force of the forests, the Moon. As the daughter of the Moon King, Anna’s promise to her people was to forever spread love, light, and flowers on this most wonderful planet. Yet in her thirties, Anna has become the lord of the desolate forest, and the death of a dear friend is beginning to take a toll on her.
Amidst her grief and emptiness, Anna’s life force is drained by the death of her companion. With no one she can trust, Anna soon finds herself in a dark forest with only a desolate mute young boy for company. No longer the raven-haired princess of love and light, Anna has found a new calling and new purpose in life. She is now a warrior of death!
All that is about to change…
All she needs now is to acquire her personal item and resurrect her predecessor. Will Anna seek her vengeance or start a new life? Everything about this game is up to you!
A deep story centering on one character that can be driven towards either a bloody or dreamy ending!
Awaken the traditional Attribute System of Final Fantasy Tactics and fill out your combat team!
A re-imagined system of magic that let’s you pick your favorite spells to create your own way of fighting!
Customizable weapon-crafting system for completing the weapon-building action!
Inspired from the complete soundtrack of the original Final Fantasy Tactics, playable original soundtrack!Q:

Connect to SQL Server from Windows 10 using PDO

MySQL PDO works fine on the same server but doesn’t work on Windows 10’s MySQL client. Can someone verify is this a PDO issue or problem with MS SQL Server?
function db_connect($host, $dbname) {
$dbhost =’server’;
$dbname = ‘dbname’;
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} catch(PDOException $e) {
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(c) 2016 BitMonster All Rights Reserved. GRAV is a 3rd party, unofficial modification. It does not represent The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing in any way and is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or in any way connected to the game series.

Join thousands of players to build your very own spaceship and explore alien worlds. There are many different worlds to discover in Nova Galactic, so get your rocket pack ready and explore all the universe has to offer.

Earn gear to upgrade and improve your spaceship! The more you play, the more rewards you’ll get. Build and mod new ships. Compete and share with your friends on the leaderboards!

It’s free to play, but you can pay to speed up your progress, or unlock more features and content. If you do want to play Nova Galactic for free, you can either play the Lite version of the game, or you can play the full version of the game but without any in-game items to purchase.

Controls: W, A, S, D to move around your base. C to build new ships. CTRL to place new structures, ESC to exit the game.

NEW! MELEE ATTACKS!! BAM! BAM! BAM! Punching aliens and stuff is much funner with a few meaty kontra-snares instead of harmless snowball attacks that are almost guaranteed to kill you and let the alien(s) walk away after breaking your health bar. Defend your base and hang in there, and you can survive the onslaught. When you manage to get the upper hand, your enemy will become furious and fight to their last breath!

NEW! UPGRADE YOUR SHIP! Sometimes it might be a good idea to go for a speed upgrade and a health upgrade, or even a firepower upgrade! If you’ve been smart and have spent your hard-earned credits, you’ll also be rewarded with a nice little bonus feature: the ability to upgrade your inventory and deploy up to 8 turrets at once.

Upgrade your base to be more efficient at obtaining resources and building ships, and sell off your junk to make your credits stretch further. Make a new base with the modular construction system, and build a spaceship that can get around the galaxy and fight aliens!

The game has been released for 3 months now and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided to extend the Early Access


What’s new:

    The Bubblegum Zombie Hunter (or Bubblegum) is a 1969 sexploitation science fiction film directed by Michael Christopher and starring John Ashley (Sleeping Beauty), Sheila Tate and Frank Collison. It was produced by Roger Corman’s Concorde-New Horizons company and released through the Concorde division’s Crown International Pictures label. The plot of the original theatrical release has been described as resembling that of a typical late 1960s B-movie.

    The film, which was photographed at Lake Havasu, Arizona, and had Ed Gurvitz as its editor, first appeared at the 1968 Toronto Film Festival. During this festival, the film’s director, Michael Christopher, was arrested at the conclusion of a screening for possession of marijuana, and the Concorde-New Horizons distributor began promoting the film as the first in a series of Bubblegum Adventures. The film was officially released at the end of the same year by Concorde to only limited theaters throughout North America in tandem with its theatrical release of Evilnik The Hero on 13 August 1969. Concorde followed up its release of Bubblegum with the distribution of I-Spy to theaters in 1970.

    The film opens with a short introduction of information about the leader of an alien race that constructed an enormous ultra-science fusion bomb (in reality, it is an “Electric Sand Beamer”) that creates electric sand, which the alien race, the Bubbles, have set to provide a source of both clean energy and raw materials. This, however, leaves the region around the Sand Beamer in a quagmire state and the area is called “The Bubbling Flood” — an obvious reference to the film’s title and the flooding of flood control canals during “high water” periods.

    A male World War II pilot named Pike Ellison is a target for two different alien assassins who arrive in human form to kill him because he is the only human being who has observed and recorded their entire civilization. The two assassins have a lead-in “date” with a female alien; the male breaks into her “date” room to kill her in her sleep.

    Pike mentions his wife to the aliens. The aliens abruptly attack him and he is knocked out. When he is revived, he is carrying an alien device that was assigned to the female. In his pocket, he finds a strange metal object that when warm and shaped, can take the correct form of any human body part, including, but not limited to, eyes


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    Do you find yourself getting stuck on red balls, squares or circles?
    If so then you need to be quick in your head and make clever moves in order to get out of these treacherous situations!
    Help the tiny green creature to get over the obstacles on the right track.
    You can make a mistake in the provided time, but you don’t need to worry about that…
    Good luck!

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 973KB

    Lightning Flash!

    About This Game:
    Set up the lights in your house fast and right!
    It’s easy to control!
    You should only have one switch!
    High score competition!
    Can you complete all the levels before the time runs out?

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 645KB

    GamePad Mouse

    About This Game:
    What if you could see your mouse, but with your GamePad?
    With this game you can!

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 648KB

    Hoverbike Simulator

    About This Game:
    You have to get from A to B on a world map with a hoverbike.
    Fly over mountains, valleys and traps.
    How many points can you get?

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 1219KB

    Amigo’s Daycare

    About This Game:
    What’s this?
    You want to help your friend, but you’ve got no friends.
    Your dog is sick, so you want to take him to the vet.
    You need to pay the bill, but the bank is closed.

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 469KB

    Meal Time

    About This Game:
    Help the hungry dog, Nicky, to get a meal.
    Choose the order of the meals and feed him, but watch out for the vicious cats!

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 517KB

    Stage Show

    About This Game:
    It’s time for a show!
    There are 6 rooms on stage.
    Let’s see how well you can play the game!

    Developer: oie-8

    Size: 1127KB


    About This Game:
    Find as many words as possible in 7 minutes.
    The higher your score, the bigger the bonus!

    Developer: oie-8



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CPU: Intel® Core i3-550 @ 2.8Ghz
Intel® Core i3-540 @ 2.4Ghz
Intel® Core i3-520 @ 2.4Ghz
Intel® Core i3-500 @ 2.4Ghz
Intel® Core i3-520 @ 2.6Ghz
Intel® Core i3-540 @ 2.8Ghz
Intel® Core i3-550 @ 3.2Ghz
Intel® Core i3-530 @ 2.8


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