Ticno Timer (Final 2022)

Ticno Timer is a great utility for cooking or reminding you about some small tasks, without bothering you from work.
In addition, Ticno Timer comes with numerous presets that will help you when cooking your meals.







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Ticno Timer Activation Code is a free timer app specially designed for Android users. With this powerful tool, you can schedule and manage your tasks with ease.

Features of Ticno Timer :

– More than 50 preset tasks: you can schedule any task from two-minute task to five-hour task;
– You can set the timer every day, every week and even every month;
– You can set the frequency of the timer based on your needs;
– You can set the duration time based on your needs from second to a day;
– You can easily set the intervals of the timer;
– You can add reminder before or after the timer;
– You can easily change the timers setting;
– You can monitor the day/week/month, alarm time and how many times of the event has been triggered;
– You can see all task history;
– You can easily restart the tasks triggered;
– You can edit, remove and add tasks from your Ticno Timer account;
– You can browse the tasks by date or name;
– You can hide or show the task status on your screen;
– You can share any task from your Ticno Timer account;
– You can easily use this tool in your normal work.

Ticno Timer is a free timer app designed for Android smartphone users. Set a timer for any task and prepare yourself for the next day.

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7 out of 10 users found this helpful:

Lovely App

Thank you to the developer for an app I can use at work or when cooking. I like that the alarm can be set before the timer and that there is a pause option when the alarm is triggered. This can be useful for when you are cooking that requires maximum attention.

Great App

I love this timer app. It is intuitive and easy to use. I’m impressed with the technical support and the android app features are generally very good.


The app doesn’t keep track of multiple alarms. I’d like to set multiple alarms (from pre-recurring) for one job. The only way that I can think of to accomplish this is to create an entirely new task, then add the alarm times to that task.

Very nice!

Liked this app because there is a pause option before triggering an alarm.

Just what I was looking

Ticno Timer Crack+ Full Version

Ticno Timer is an easy to use timer that will help you cook the right food at the right time.
You can choose from 4 different types of timers:
• Cooking timers
• Snacks timers
• Presets timers
• Alarm timers
You can set a timer so that it will remind you of certain things, for example, cooking your meals at certain times, cooking your snack at the wrong time, and sleeping at the wrong time.
Ticno Timer has a lot of really great features, and you will be able to make the most out of these features with the help of this application.
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Ticno Timer

** Features: **
– Nostalgia color menu indicator
– Classic 7-day/5-day cycle
– Saves recipes (A Recipe Manager for all your recipes!)
– Sub-menus
– Countdown to go down to the cook of the person
– Time programmable
– Add your own reminder with categories
– Sleep timer (45 minutes timer)
– Predictive alarm (and auto shutdown).
– 25 presets you can choose.
– Supports alarm a/c
– Export presets to SD card
– Email notifications
– Dynamic weather.
– Battery monitor.
– Notifications when battery is low.
– Help, guide, FAQ, quick start and dynamic weather.
– Configure your alarm settings for an accurate daily schedule.
– Distance to alarm adjust – up to 500 meters
– Compatible to Android 5
– Create custom logo to add your brand
** Requirements: **
SD Card: 256 MB
Memory Card: 512 MB
This application requires Android 4.2.2 and higher.

This version of Timer 3D Glove Lovers is a total overhaul of the original timer in the webgl. We present you with such improvements and new features as the following:
– Smooth 3D navigation and control of the glove
– Dedicated release button
– Button in the glove to turn off and on the timer
– 3D playback of a video or recording after the countdown
– Voiceover with several languages
– Touchscreen and voice recognition
– Full text search
– Weather forecast
– Can take a photo of the current time
– More options for your glove
– Better layout of the menu
– More customisation
Note: This app requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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What’s New in the Ticno Timer?

Ticno Timer is a great utility that will help you to cook your meals without the need to get lost in the screen of your computer. With over 150 presets, you can enjoy your meals much more. And with the help of the countdown, you will never forget to complete the task, leaving your house, wherever you are.
Ticno Timer will make a beeping sound.
It is not a sound alarm. It will only help you keep yourself from forgetting your lunch.
Ticno Timer will auto-shutdown after 5 minutes.
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Now you can to try Ticno Timer for free and improve yourself.

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System Requirements:

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* USB 2.0 port
* OS: Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
* Internet Explorer 10 or later
* USB Flash Drive
* Sound Card
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* A DVD/CD drive
* A DVD/CD burner
* Other accessories may be required to complete your installation

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