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ReddPlanet is a client-side application specially designed for Windows 10 users. It aims at bringing the full Reddit experience closer to you by making the web service available on desktop and also, cross-device.
Reddit viewer on multiple devices
ReddPlanet offers a great advantage; it allows you to see the Reddit content on multiple devices. The program can be installed on Xbox, PC, mobile devices, and even on HoloLens (Microsoft's device for creating virtual reality displays which they call 'mixed reality' and that allows for apps installation).
ReddPlanet has a lot of display customizations available. These are definitely of great advantage when trying to access the program from different devices. You can access articles and content in normal or full-screen mode, enlarge post preview images, adjust the theme to fit your needs, change the placement of the menu, and modify the post-viewing options.
Pros and cons
ReddPlanet is a well-structured program that still needs improvements. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that the developer who built it is actively engaged with the users. There are regular updates with detailed reports, users' complaints are being answered, and last but not least, the bugs and malfunctions reported by users are getting fixed. However, these things do not happen overnight and sometimes the fixes take a long time to happen, which can be frustrating.
Some functionalities that could be improved: the in-app video player does not always load external links hosted on other websites (e.g. YouTube), and the comments section that is pretty buggy (sometimes, you get errors when trying to add comments to specific articles/posts and deleting these comments is not always possible).
Final verdict
To conclude, ReddPlanet is a free program that seems to be a work in progress. If you are not quite eager to engage with others and just want to use it as a Reddit viewer, then it should be more than enough for this task; the tool is fast, customizable, and has a modern-looking GUI.
If you mainly use Reddit for active communication and engagement, ReddPlanet might not be for you as the tool does have some malfunctions that could make you frustrated; with this knowledge in mind, you can make an informed decision. 







ReddPlanet 10.8.0 Crack +


App Store features:



Visual Design:


Windows 10:

Reddit Content:


What’s New:

Update History:

Version 2.1.0

As part of the summer update, ReddPlanet has undergone a few exciting changes:

– The app now downloads faster and has better compatibility with newer devices. In other words, the app is now available on all versions of Windows 10, from Consumer Preview to the latest.

– User interface: ReddPlanet now provides a natural scrolling view, which is a nice touch for the interface.

– Theme engine: ReddPlanet now has its own CSS library that offers basic color changes for app’s main elements.

– Added support for desktop notifications: ReddPlanet can now receive desktop notifications on Windows 10. The notification icon, as well as the Red Planet badge in the panel of Windows taskbar are used for this purpose.

Version 2.0.0

Some significant changes to ReddPlanet include a new feature: inline images.

Version 1.0.0

First version of ReddPlanet for Windows was released in March 2015.


Viewing Reddit content

RedPlanet allows you to view content from Reddit’s /r/all /r/all /r/all/r subreddit as well as view full posts.

Subreddit-specific content

All content posted in /r/all, /r/all/r, and /r/all/r/r and then can be viewed in the app.

,, and and then can be viewed in the app. Posts in /r/all and /r/all/r are displayed similar to what you would find in /r/all/r/r.

and are displayed similar to what you would find in and. There are news and event threads displayed as in /r/all/r. The difference being that, in the first case, there will only be one daily summary and the posts that didn’t have one will have it.

and. The difference being that, in the first case, there will only be one daily summary and the posts that didn’t have one will have it. ReddPlanet also has a sidebar which displays popular topics from various subreddits. This sidebar contains news and event threads as well.

ReddPlanet 10.8.0 Crack+ Free

* Your Web Browser.
* Your PC/Laptop.
* Your phone.
* HoloLens.
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ReddPlanet 10.8.0 With Keygen

► The official Reddit Client for Windows
► Supports multiple devices
► Reddit client for Xbox, Raspberry Pi, and HoloLens
► Client for Windows 10, iOS, Android, OS X and Windows Phone
► ‘Powerful Reddit client for Windows’ – Windows Blog
► Add comments, upvote, downvote, favorite and report comments
► View subreddit and top comments
► Support multiple connections
► Supports multiple devices
► Why use ReddPlanet?
► Save time
► Browse fast
► Keep informed
► No installation required
► Access from anywhere
► Access to community
► Reddit client
► Convert links
► Synchronise with your Reddit account
► Install on your Xbox, PC, phone, HoloLens, Raspberry Pi and more
► Built-in feedback and support
► No ads


Sites like Reddit or Imgur (an image hosting site) are not that useful on devices like phones or tablets. There are problems loading pages, and navigating content, and they take a lot of space on the device’s storage.
An alternative would be to view the same content from your desktop (e.g. on a Windows PC), but with a much better experience than on a phone.

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What’s New In ReddPlanet?

ReddPlanet is a desktop application that allows you to enjoy the Reddit website on your Windows 10 device. That means you don’t need a browser; the whole site can be accessed inside the program.
Here is what ReddPlanet offers:
Go to the Reddit website: ReddPlanet comes with a complete web browser called Redder. There is no need to sign up or to be a Reddit user; you can just view anything on Reddit.
Comments section: The comments section is very useful for Reddit users as it lets you chat with others.
Themes: ReddPlanet allows you to choose a theme that suits your needs. You can use the latest and the classic themes or even build your own. ReddPlanet allows you to save your themes in your device so you can quickly share them to other users.
Users’ recommendations: ReddPlanet has an in-app recommendations section. Here you can read what other users are using to enjoy Reddit on their devices.
Settings: ReddPlanet allows you to see some of your settings, such as the number of posts and images loaded at a time, the font size, and the theme.
Discussion panel: ReddPlanet has a conversation window where you can start a debate with other users on any topic and share images and videos.
Images: ReddPlanet comes with a media viewer that allows you to check the dimensions and the quality of images posted on Reddit.
Post previews: You can see what other users say about a post before clicking on it.
Recent posts: ReddPlanet allows you to open a large window displaying the recent posts.
Full-screen mode: You can open any Reddit article in full-screen mode.
Video player: ReddPlanet comes with an in-app video player which can play videos posted on Reddit.
News panel: The news panel is a widget that lets you find some of the most-upvoted news of the day.
Daily feed: ReddPlanet provides you with a daily feed that can be sorted by post.
Custom shortcuts: With ReddPlanet, you can create a shortcut that can be launched by just typing a simple URL (e.g. reddit.com/r/funny/comments/2nl4of/) and then use it to open any Reddit article you want.
FAQ: ReddPlanet comes with a FAQ section where you can find some tips and tricks about how to use it.
Google Play: It also has a page on Google Play, where you can download the ReddPlanet app to have a Reddit experience wherever


System Requirements For ReddPlanet:

The Vampire Rain: Ultimate Doom (Visual Studio) does not work with 64-bit programs. Sorry! If you install the program and it gives you errors, you can either run it in 32-bit mode, or you can try to install the game on the 32-bit operating system (Windows XP).
Unzip the folder you downloaded (if you’re on Windows, you must be using Windows Explorer, otherwise you’ll have to double-click on the zip file itself) to your computer. Now, double-click on the downloaded “Setup.


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