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First Alert Service Monitor Registration Code (Final 2022)

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First Alert Service Monitor Activation (April-2022)

Defines an event for monitoring Internet services, monitors a list of HTTP servers, emails, FTP and SMTP servers, webcams, IP cameras, DVRs, and more.

Detail description:

Defines an event for monitoring Internet services, monitors a list of HTTP servers, emails, FTP and SMTP servers, webcams, IP cameras, DVRs, and more. Specify the basic monitoring parameters for a new event, including the number of minutes between checks, timeout (in seconds), and failed checks before the program triggers an alert. The service monitors a list of URLs and alerts you to a service outage. Service monitors by IP addresses and domains, detects potential security breaches, and sends you emails, text messages, and display pop-ups. You can integrate it with Snort, Suricata, Bro, Zabbix, Logwatch, MS Application, and other network monitoring tools to find errors and troubleshoot networking problems.




Win XP or later

Mac OS X




Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

mac OS X Server 10.6

mac OS X Server 10.7

mac OS X Server 10.8

mac OS X Server 10.9

mac OS X Server 10.10

mac OS X Server 10.11

mac OS X Server 10.12

Windows XP or later


mac OS X

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

mac OS X Server 10.6

mac OS X Server 10.7

mac OS X Server 10.8

mac OS X Server 10.9

mac OS X Server 10.10

mac OS X Server 10.11

mac OS X Server 10.12


Monitor Internet services – HTTP, SMTP, DNS, etc.

Logging of events: Console mode, Email, SMS

Sending alerts to email or mobile phone


What’s new in version 1.4:

1. Added alert support for Aix – 0107 version

2. Added logging of events in the Console mode

3. Added logging of events in the Email mode

4. Added logging of events in the SMS mode

5. Added option for sending alerts

First Alert Service Monitor License Key Full Free Download PC/Windows

This lightweight service monitor helps you keeping track of multiple Internet services. Specifically, it displays the current status of HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP and SMB services on multiple ports as well as a log of details about each event. It features a user-friendly layout with several tweaking options which make the tool ideal for use by beginners and seasoned professionals alike.
First Alert Service Monitor Overview:
First Alert Service Monitor is a simple tool for monitoring multiple Internet services at once. It is designed to show information about the status of various HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP and SMB services on multiple ports.
First Alert Service Monitor Screenshot:


Figure 1: First Alert Service Monitor main interface


First Alert Service Monitor Features:


# Services monitor for multiple Internet services:

Keeps a log of each service detected and displays current status

Resets all service log entries on exit

Tracks several events on multiple ports at once

Allows you to define new events, edit/delete events, sort events

Keeps track of multiple events, delete/edit events

Manages and displays traffic graphs for HTTP(s) and FTP(s)

With advanced options for configuration

Tracks availability of HTTP(s), DNS, FTP(s), SMTP, SMB, SSH

Tracks user login and logout times for each monitored service

Enables you to have an alert sound play when services are down or slow

Allows you to play a custom WAV file from your PC

Tracks total number of successful and failed check and plays audio when service is down or slow

Allows you to define a custom check script, by commandline and send notification emails and/or popups

Supports detecting the availability of a DNS server on an IP address

Allows you to define the path to the SMTP server, if present

Tracks and sends notification emails

Enables you to send emails using your custom SMTP server

Supports interpreting and keeping track of each activity log

Generates log files and shows a detailed log of each log entry

Allows you to edit, delete or alter the log entries

Tracks all activity logs

Allows you to configure the log file name

Tracks failed and succeeded log entries and shows the number of alerts sent

Tracks failure details for each event and forwards the number of alerts to the

What’s New In?

First Alert Service Monitor, a lightweight and easy to use application designed for monitoring Internet services.

Clean feature lineup

First Alert Service Monitor reveals a user-friendly layout that keeps a list with all monitored events and provides details about each one. You can also monitor logs, sort them in an ascending or descending order, add multiple events, delete, edit or rename them, check timer, timeout and number of failed checks before the program triggers an alert.

Trimming in such a way to keep track of multiple events is one of the most lucrative features of First Alert Service Monitor. You can launch the program and create a new event or choose one from a list when the service you want to monitor is running. In case the selected service is down, the application will display an alert and will continue to monitor the same event.

Add and list service and URL

When adding a new event, you are offered to add the name of the service and its URL. You can also specify the IP address, domain and port of the monitored service.

Selecting and switching between events

You can rename events, create a new one or access a list of all the events you created by choosing the corresponding option in the main window. Plus, you can also check the service status by clicking on the check icon.

Check timer and timeout

First Alert Service Monitor features an advanced timer and timeout settings. You can set the interval between checks, the amount of time the check will run in case the event is down, and the default sound to be played in case the service is down. Additionally, you can change the timeout settings by using the slider control.

Import a list of URLs and add to events list

First Alert Service Monitor lets you add a list of URLs in case you want to monitor more than one of them in a single event.

Log monitoring

Keeping all the information about the monitored events is among the basic features of First Alert Service Monitor. The program lets you monitor your log files and provide you with a detailed list of all the events, each one with a description, URL, IP, domain, port, check timer, timeout, and number of alerts. Additionally, the program reveals the log with the details of each service.

Is it easy to use?

The interface is easy to understand and it’s full of clear and detailed information. From the main window, you can add new services, add URLs, check the service status,

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 x64 / Windows 10 x64
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 16 GB available space
Additional Notes:
This tool is not guaranteed to work on older Windows versions or other operating systems.
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